Vegan Resources You Need to Know

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When you’re first starting out as a vegan (or even if you’ve been vegan a while now), it can be so nice to be part of a community. Here are a few ways to help you add more vegany-goodness into your life, besides just the meals that you eat.

Currently, our resources are focused on options for those in the USA, however, we’d like to be able to create lists for other countries as well. If you know of any resources in your country that you think other vegans in your area would like, please let us know in the International area of the Rendezvegan forum. You can also contact us directly via our contact form.

Dewy Blueberry!

First we have to toot our own horn a little bit as your vegan resource hub! These are the social channels that we’re on if you’d like to get involved. Keep in mind we’re brand new, so most of these haven’t even launched yet, but it’s coming!

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Vegan: Delivered!

There are so many great vegan foods that can be delivered right to your door that we created a new page just for this.

Find vegan delivery options here.

Vegan Coupons!

Because who doesn’t love to save money!

Find vegan coupons here.

Vegan Magazines

What better way to celebrate being vegan than to have a vegan magazine delivered right to your door. We all love glossy pages, and these are glossy pages filled with vegan food – twice as nice!

Thrive – This magazine is stunningly beautiful and focuses mainly on the central aspect of a vegan lifestyle: vegan food! However, you will also find vegan lifestyle articles here as well, particularly for areas such as health & wellness, eco-friendly culture and vegan fashion.

VegNews – If you’re looking for an all-things-vegan magazine in a pretty package, this is it. What’s really interesting about vegan life currently is that there’s just so much news! Whereas most magazines we’re used to focus on feature articles – seasonal pieces, generally entertaining things – in the vegan world there is so much happening, and this is a great source to get it in the beautiful glossy magazine page style we all love. Here you’ll find news on everything from food and recipes, health, fashion, beauty, home, and even travel.

Vegan Fashion

You don’t have to only choose between animal leather and synthetic leather! Many plants are being used to create leather now, including cactus, pineapple and cork. Cork is our personal favorite because it’s naturally antimicrobial (and who doesn’t want less germs in their life right now) and it’s also extremely environmentally friendly: the cork tree doesn’t even need to be cut down to harvest the cork! See some cork leather items and more in our Forage area.