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There are some wonderful vegan options at stores… but there are also some wonderful vegan options you can have delivered right to your door. Fully cooked ready-to-eat vegan meals… decadent cheeses and nut milks… amazing vegan gift boxes… Here’s a few to get you started.

Plant-Based Meals Delivery

Some ingredients are scarce right now, and going to three different grocery stores to find what you need seems counterintuivive to social distancing. Instead, just have your healthy vegan meals delivered right to your door from Mama Sezz! Orders arrive in a refrigerated box, ready to eat (warm up and eat) and are made of whole foods (not processed foods), so it’s truly healthy, something we all absolutely need right now. They have so many options as well: getting started with a plant-based diet, immunity boosting meals, heart healthy diet, family bundle, weightloss goal meals, and more to be sure your specific needs are met.

Staple Foods Delivery Options

One of my favorite things to know is that even if I can’t get some vegan foods very easily in my own area (particularly now with the loss of Lucky’s Market and Earth Fare grocery stores), at least it can be ordered! One thing I miss the most: artisan cheeses. Luckily there’s two cheese places that will ship right to you! I was also pleased to learn that my favorite non-dairy dairy also ships directly to your door. Particularly right now when we’re stuck at home, these vegan delivery options are such a relief.

Elmhurst – I love this plant milk. This is actually a traditional dairy that converted to plant-based! Dairy-lovers with vegan hearts! Even better, the milks are delicious – they truly achieve the goal of nut milk with no added fillers; it’s delicious and it’s just nuts and water! (There are sweetened versions as well if you prefer.) The variety is so nice to have as well – walnut milk, hazelnut milk, oats, cashews and almonds, plus fun flavors like blueberry oat and other options like hemp creamer. If you’re luck enough to have Elmhurst at your local grocery, be sure to check out the next section on Vegan Coupons as I have found their coupons available in the resourse below several times!

Reine – Gourmet vegan cheese! If you’re a cheese lover, definitely check this place out (and don’t worry, they deliver nationwide). They have fauxgonzola. They have smoked gouda. They’ll even send an almond ricotta right to your door. The prices are $12.95 for each of the artisan cheeses; that’s certainly more than the basic cheeses at the grocery store, but it’s a decent price for an artisan cheese.

Miyokos – These cheeses are fantastic! I can’t stress that enough. I’ve only had the pleasure of trying three of them so far, my favorite being the sun dried tomato, although they’re all amazing. I’m partial to sun dried tomatoes, they’re one of my favorite foods, so for you I’d recommend trying the chive one first – it’s the best one in my opinion in general (yes, even better than the sun dried tomato, I just really like sun dried tomatoes). These cheeses are $10 per round and state that there are about 8 servings per cheese (though personally I eat a bit more than a serving because they’re so good).

Fun Vegan Delivery Boxes

VeganCuts offers monthly delivery boxes of vegan snacks, vegan makeup and vegan beauty products – just pick your favorite type of box and have it delivered right to your door… and the shipping is free! These make an excellent gift as well. Currently there are also special edition boxes for pantry essentials and vegan toiletries that can make anyone’s day brighter as well (including your own!). Use our code “DewyB” for $5 off your subscription box! (Code does not apply to the special edition boxes.)

L’Artisane is a bakery in Florida that decided to try something new when they had to close due to Covid-19. This incredible shop how offers a variety of vegan bakery delights in monthly subscription box options! There’s a croissant box, a macrons box, a brownie box, gourmet cookies, madelains, the list goes on. If you love pastry, definitely check this place out!

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