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Welcome to our all-day (and all-night) vegan breakfast diner! May I take your order?

All of the other vegan meals are fairly easy – lunch, dinner, snacking – there’s a lot of options we can all think of for those even as new vegans. But breakfast… No eggs? No bacon? It can be confusing. Breakfast was the most difficult meal for me when starting out. It’s not easy to train your brain to learn (and remember first thing in the morning when you’re groggy) what it is that you now have as options to eat. I remember many, many days stumbling into the kitchen and being confused (and hungry) for 20-plus minutes trying to remember what my options are.

So to help with that, here’s a sample vegan breakfast menu for you. Really quick though, keep in mind that there’s only six grams of protein in an egg! So for those of you worried about what you’ll be missing from your morning breakfast (I certainly was) – Stop! There’s so many other ways to get protein (and a whole lot more protein at that)! Leave a comment below to add more ideas to the list!

Vegan Breakfast Menu Options

Dairy-Free Yogurt
Topped with fruit and seeds (hemp, chia and pumpkin seeds). Granola mixed in is delicious and even more filling if you want a more substantial meal.

Oatmeal is like a yogurt bowl – so easy to add extra ingredients to it! Sprinkle on some seeds for extra protein, fresh or dried fruit for antioxidants and other nutrients, or stir in some good spices like cinnamon or cardamom. Someone I know likes to mix in a little protein powder with their oatmeal as well, but keep in mind, one serving of oatmeal by itself already contains 6 g so you’re off to a good start just by picking this.

Toast with nut or seed butter.
Jelly on top optional. Look for a higher protein bread to really make the most of this, and don’t think you have to stop at just one (or even two slices). YouTube star Jake Mace, Off Grid Athlete, eats three slices of cinnamon rasin toast each day topped with almond butter and homemade apricot jam.

Vegan French Protein Toast
My mom came up with her own vegan French toast recipe and wow is it good. Coated with hemp seeds, non-dairy milk and protein powder, it’s also a high-protein breakfast. Maple syrup is an excellent source of magnesium too, so go ahead and treat yourself! Find the recipe here.

Bagels, English Muffins and Other Breads
Easy and delicious, warm them up and top with whatever you like. I usually top mine with half an avocado and sometimes other veggies as well, however there are so many great choices. There’s vegan cream cheese and of course jelly.

Buckwheat Raspberry Pancakes – because why just list regular pancakes here.
Pancakes can be made with any type of flour! Regular all purpose flour has a good bit of protein in it, but you can up the protein or just go for variety by switching to another flour. Old school pancakes were usually made with buckwheat flour; if fact, my grandpa (who is 99 years old now) used to refuse any pancakes that weren’t buckwheat because it’s considered the best. Personally, I’m not a fan of them, but they are nice for something different. Add in any of the typical flavors you like for extra flare: fruit like blueberries or raspberries or bananas, nut or seed butter swirls, dark chocolate chips, and so on. Yes, there is even vegan whip cream you can buy or you can make a homemade version with vegan cream. Top with maple syrup which is wonderfully vegan.

Loaded Sweet Potato
Bake a sweet potato (don’t forget to poke holes in it so it doesn’t explode, and I rub mine with olive oil – bake at 400 for 35 minutes), then top it with nut butter, sliced banana, hemp seeds, maple syrup and fresh blueberries. This is beyond delicious. If you thought pancakes and french toast were sweet, try having a sweet potato; it’s heavenly. If you’d like to cut down on the sweetness just a bit, choose a nut butter that doesn’t have added sugar. I bought one without realizing it had added sugar and this dish was almost too sweet to handle. Drizzling a little tahini on top can increase the protein content too.

Chickpeas and Hash with Veggies
I usually pair this with dump veggies. I realize this is an ‘anytime’ meal, however I actually tend to prefer having it for breakfast. If a hearty breakfast is what you’re after, go for this. My favorite part is actually the sauce: I top the chickpeas and hash with “tahinichup” (both tahini and ketchup). The tahini alone brings in 8 g of protein in just 2 tbsp, and then the rest depends on how many potatoes and chickpeas you make. Personally I eat about  half a cup of chickpeas (8 g protein) and 2-3 creamer potatoes. I thinly chop the potatoes and start them in a sprayed pan first as they take longer to cook than the chickpeas. Season to taste, my favorites on these are parsley and cayenne. As much as I love the chickpeas and hash, my fork often finds the veggies first surprisingly. I think this is part of what makes the meal so great too: it’s not just hearty high-protein, it’s packed with nutrients.

Easy Day Smoothie
I have created my own smoothie recipe (all whole foods ingredients) that is about 30 g of protein and 46% DV for iron. The reason I call it my Easy Day Smoothie is because when I have this for breakfast, the rest of the day is just easy; I’m fully nourished to the point that sometimes I even skip lunch. Find my recipe here.

Vegan Sausage
There are so many vegan sausages available; I guess sausage form is just something that works well for plant-based ingredients. They are delicious and it’s nice to have so many choices. I recommend that you try a bunch because they’re all so different too. Look for them in the vegan section, the freezer section, and the fresh ‘meat’ section. Personally, I like to top mine with sauteed peppers and onions. Again, that’s not a very traditional breakfast way of cooking the sausage, but it’s what I like. Sauteed apples and celery chunks would also make an excellent sausage topper that’s more ‘breakfasty’.

Pizza Frite
This is a special treat that I’ve actually eaten my whole life, but if you live in a more rural area, it can be difficult to get a wide variety of vegan pastries (particularly donuts), so this is a quick and easy substitute that I love. Basically it’s just pan-fried chunks of pizza dough (found at most supermarkets) that pillows up into clouds of deliciousness that can then be dunked into granulated sugar or drizzled with donut glaze. They can also be stuffed if you’d prefer a more savory dish – peppers is one of my favorite stuffings, particularly poblanos.

If you really need eggs, don’t worry. There’s a product called JUST Egg that’s basically a liquid egg mix and it’s made from mung beans! It’s delicious, and definitely fills the void that eggs can leave when first going vegan. Here’s the link to their website.

Cinnamon Buns
This was a great discovery for me: Annie’s Organic Cinnamon buns… are vegan! Icing included! Most cinnamon buns found pre-made at shops are not vegan, but these ones are and they’re delicious.

Cereal/Granola/Museli – just add plant-based milk!
(Be sure to read the label of course to ensure you’re buying vegan cereal.)

This has been one of my absolute favorite vegan finds. Kefir is a traditionally a fermented milk drink, but I have one made with water and pea protein, and I regularly have to stop myself from literally drinking the entire 24 ounce bottle – it’s that good. I’ve also seen kefir made from flax milk and coconut milk in the past, but I’ve never tried them and can’t find them in stores near me anymore so you’ll need to see what’s available near you. The one I drink is made by Lifeway brand and they have a Store Finder on their website you can use to see if there are any near you.

Power Bars
Good ol” on-the-go power bars. Sometimes I even have one when I’m not on the go because it’s just easy and fast. My personal go-to is the Oatmeal Rasin Walnut Clif Bar which is very tasty and has 10 g of protein.

Vegan Donuts
They do exist! I got lucky and found a bakery near me that has started making vegan donuts, and with how much vegan food is becoming available now, I’d recommend you regularly check your area as well. Donuts are one of my all time favorites, so I checked everywhere for months but finally found some.


See, more options than you can really think of before coffee. I’ve made this list into a quick printable for you to post on the fridge if you’d like.

Printable (PDF): Sample Breakfast Menu

Head over to the Breakfast forum to share your favorite meals and find out what others are eating!