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    Cannellini and Greens

    This is such a good meal, and don't let looks deceive you - the protein isn't only in the beans. Not only do the...

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    Savory & Sweet Stuffed Acorn Squash

    The essence of this dish is that you can stuff the squash with just about anything, however this particular recipe was the best version...

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    This Sesame Seeds Info Will Make You Want to Say “Open Sesame”

    You're used to seeing them on top of your burger buns and maybe mixed in with your Chinese food, but sesame seeds have many...

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    Vegan Protein Source: Prepared Foods

    2020 is an incredible time to be a vegan; there are plant-based substitutes (and delicious ones at that) for just about everything now. Here...

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    Veggie Celebration Pasta Sauce

    Which veggies would you like to celebrate tonight? Is there anything you'd like to use up? Let's toss them in the pasta sauce, let...

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