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    • Did you know: the thick liquid that is in canned beans is called aquafaba and it has some great uses for cooking/baking! One of the main uses I’ve heard about for it is as an egg replacer. I used it recently when making Easter cookies as an ‘egg wash’ (where you normally would brush the cookies with egg to help them brown, instead I used chick…Read More

    • I cried in a grocery store parking lot once. It was about a month after deciding to go vegan and the plant burgers that I had been relying on as my main source of protein were on sale, which I paired with a coupon, and I walked away with 12 burgers for $9 (normally would have been $35). I wasn’t crying about the money – I was crying from the…Read More

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    • Hello 👋
      This is a general support forum where we can talk with other vegans or people interested in veganism. Please say hello on this page to show others that there are people here to help! Obviously it’s just me right now, but I’m so hoping to build this into a vegan community where we can support each other.
      And if you want to post a new thr…Read More