Awesome Coupons for Vegan Foods

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As we find new coupons (printable), they will be added here, so check back regularly to see what’s new!

However, there is also a great couponing app you definitely need to know about too if you’re a vegan on the lookout for coupons: Ibotta. This is how to extreme coupon and it’s shockingly easy! Ibotta is a couponing app that I used before becoming vegan, and was sad to think that I was going to lose it as a resource because I’ve saved hundreds of dollars in groceries (about $40 per month) through the app, but to my absolute delight, they regularly have a lot of vegan products on there as well!

The main way this works is you look through the coupons available at a store you visit often, save any that you think you might lose, and then when you buy them, just upload the reciept. However, I also use their ‘pay with Ibotta’ features that gives cash back at certain retailers (my main place to use this is PetCo where I get 5% cash back, but they offer this many others places as well). The really great part is that they regularly do ‘Earn More’ events where they give you a cash bonus for a certain number of coupons used.

Through this app, I’ve gotten coupons for many non-dairy milks, a variety of vegan burgers and frozen dinners, staples like frozen sweet potato fries, and even fresh produce sometimes. Check it out!

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