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When I went vegan in October 2019, I was the only vegan that I knew. It was confusing and scary and pretty lonely. That’s why I’m creating this resource: I want to make it easier for new plant-based eaters.

When first getting started, I heard that chia seeds are a great source of plant protein, so I went out and bought a bunch of chia seeds and poured about a cup into my vegetable stir fry. It was barely edible. I am so grateful for all the information that’s out there that help me get started, but the truth is that I needed more: I needed a trustworthy resource to tell me not just that chia seeds are high-protein, but that I shouldn’t try to eat them like a hamster – chia pudding is the way to go – and there’s an important health warning to know too: they are highly absorbent and must be taken with water or they can dehydrate you. Trying to eat a cup at a time didn’t just taste bad, it was dangerous.

All that doesn’t just apply to chia seeds; it applies to all food sources. There’s a lot of tips and tricks and recipes to know, so I’m putting them together to make sure you get them!

To curb my plant-based solitude, I many times tried to find or join a vegan community of sorts and I was absolutely heartbroken by how many pictures of animal agriculture I encountered. Trust me, I get it – there’s no one else to fight for them besides us, but… I really just wanted to frolic in my vegan joy. I wanted to celebrate my new plant-based lifestyle! I wanted to talk about weird fruits and stuffed gourds and exciting new plant-based leather materials, and I just never found a way to truly be able to do that. That’s what Dewy Blueberry is to me: it’s a information resource, and a place to just be with other happy vegans.

So let’s get this party started! Here’s a quick outline of what you’ll find on Dewy Blueberry:

  • An interactive protein guide that teaches you about all the vegan protein food groups and helps you to easily understand each food source with info, photos and recipes.
  • A nutrition guide that details all of the nutrient differences we need to know about as plant-based eaters and how to navigate them.
  • Recipes! Let’s cut to the chase, what we really want is good food! And oh how good it is!
  • General resources and information: tips, help pages, links and more.
  • Rendezvegan – the forum! A place where you can discuss anything and everything with likeminded people.

Thanks for being here!

Founder of @DewyBlueberry